Charity is not just giving, rather removing the need of those who receive charity and liberating them from it when possible.

  • Archbishop's Announcement: All churches are closed to view

    Beloved Brothers and Sisters, and Parishioners of St. Thomas of Villanova parish.
    As we prayerfully celebrate Palm Sunday, which launched us into the Holy Week, may the Lord who has entered the city of our salvation, fill you and your families with peace, good health of mind and body and keep you safe. My heart and prayers are with you and your families especially at this stormy time of COVID-19 Pandemic. I think about you and your families. Hope you are healthy and keeping safe? I will continue to pray/commit you and your families into the protective hands of God, asking the Virgin Mother of God and all the Saints to support you in these trying times. Remain blessed and keep safe. Love you in Christ Jesus.

    Fr Cosmas
    WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW YOU! If you would like to become a registered member of St. Thomas of Villanova Parish, please complete a Parish Census form. The form is available on the table at the entrance to the Church or can be picked up at the Parish Office, or you can contact the parish office and a form can Be emailed to you. When completed, the form can be dropped off to the parish office, put in the collection basket or emailed back. Thank you